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When the fairy tale ends

Posted by Simon Parke, 30 Jan 2015

I was speaking with an emotionally wise friend recently.

He used the phrase ‘the end of the fairy tale.’

We were talking, over a West End lunch, about when the wheels come off our lives and the dream we once had is over…

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Don't shave your ears

Posted by Simon Parke, 28 Jan 2015

Don’t make the last-minute decision to shave your ear, shortly before leaving for an important pitch.

I did and it proved a poor use of time.

It had seemed like a good idea. A last-minute shave…all good… and then I noticed some hair growth in my ears.

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A different lens

Posted by Simon Parke, 26 Jan 2015

If life is failing to nourish us, it may be because we view it habitually.

We view life through a tired lens, created by old habits of the mind.

So we always see the same thing…

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Cover of A Director's Cut

Set in the seaside town of Stormhaven, the third Abbot Peter mystery, A Director’s Cut, opens the curtain on a dark tale of murder and revenge in theatreland. Abbot Peter and his niece DI Tamsin Shah, are drawn like lambs to the slaughter into the grievance behind the greasepaint and a rage behind the stage.

Cover of One Minute Meditation

A book of short meditations for use wherever you find yourself: on the bus, at the doctors, in your bedroom or by the pool.

This is a silent retreat, set amid the beauty of Devon on the edge of Dartmoor. The silence is punctuated by mediations and sessions, during which Simon will use material and themes from his book, The Journey Home (formerly published as The Beautiful Life).

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