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The stature of waiting

Posted by Simon Parke, 18 Apr 2014

Many years ago I read wonderful book called The Stature of Waiting by WH Vanstone.

It focuses on two different aspects of the life of Jesus, the active and the passive; and the hinge between the two, the betrayal by Judas…

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Always best to ask why

Posted by Shelliz, 16 Apr 2014

Loved and cared for babies turn into curious small people who are eager to explore their environment and experiment with what they can do. They are eager to discover and find out how things work. It’s what I call the ‘What happens if’ effect and it is a brilliant way to learn about your world.

It is also the age where children begin to have their own will and become less compliable with the adults wishes. This is the age where some adults start to label children as naughty, defiant, troublesome, wilful and all sorts of other negative words

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Lessons in power

Posted by Simon Parke, 15 Apr 2014

Maria Miller has gone.

Famous mainly for brief infamy, her rise and fall – whether fair or unfair -  is perhaps a morality tale for all in positions of power…

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Cover of One Minute Meditation

A book of short meditations for use wherever you find yourself: on the bus, at the doctors, in your bedroom or by the pool. The third in Simon’s One-Minute trilogy, One Minute Meditation is an invitation, in your busy life, to pause, read, live. For truth-seekers who value awareness in their life… but don’t have all day. Pre-order your copy here!

Cover of A Psychiatrist Screams

The second book in Simon's Abbot Peter murder mystery series, A Psychiatrist Screams is now out. It opens with the Halloween murder of a therapist at the Mind Gains clinic in the seaside town of Stormhaven. Order your copy here.

With the third in the Abbot Peter series, A Director’s, Cut, about to appear, Simon will be speaking at the Kempsford Literary Festival about the Abbot’s creation and adventures.

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