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The genius of nuance

Posted by Simon Parke, 20 Jul 2017

Let us suppose that human civilisation is the opposite of human brutalisation.

And ponder the difference.

Brutalisation is the stupid climate of tyranny, where rainbows are declared black and white

While civilisation is the enlightened climate of nuance…

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Spirituality: the art of staying awake

Posted by Simon Parke, 19 Jul 2017

In the 1990’s, a team of US researchers posed as beggars, in Santa Cruz, California.

The results were interesting.

When they asked, ‘Can you spare any change?’ most people ignored them…

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Posted by Simon Parke, 17 Jul 2017

When you’ve lit a candle in the window, and no one has come

When you’ve planted a flower, but the flower doesn’t live

When you’ve thought ‘I could do that’ but others are chosen

When everything you’ve been building has been building to nothing…

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Cover of The Indecent Death of a Madam

My latest novel in the Abbot Peter murder mystery series, The Indecent Death of a Madam, is published on 21 September by Marylebone House. What brings together the Stormhaven Etiquette Society, Model Services (the town’s only brothel) and Bybuckle Asylum, a desolate shell on the seafront that housed over 700 mental patients prior to the dubious dream of ‘care in the community’? A cold-blooded execution that both shocks and confounds.

Simon's Mindful Lifebelts app

Mindful Lifebelts is an app to help when life is difficult; or preferably, to prevent it becoming so. The short meditations come in both written and audio form, spoken by Simon.

On this retreat, through teaching, meditation and silence, we’ll ponder the purpose and practice of mindfulness; we’ll consider how we engage with and process our thoughts and feelings and how, through such awareness, we might live more spacious and more present lives.

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