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Advent Calendar

Posted by Simon Parke, 14 Dec 2017

My poem of the week is a winter-bound approach to Christmas.

We approach the stable through falling leaves, mould, frost, red skies, restlessness and dark.

It’s by Rowan Williams, and called ‘Advent Calendar’...

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Abbot Peter's Christmas plan

Posted by Simon Parke, 13 Dec 2017

Abbot Peter has made a decision.

‘I have a friend coming down,’ he says to a neighbour when asked about his Christmas plans.

‘A boyfriend?’ says Mrs Wicks, who assumes he’s gay…

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Six thirty for seven

Posted by Simon Parke, 12 Dec 2017

I was arranging a seasonal gathering with our neighbours.

‘What time should we come?’ they ask.

‘Six thirty for seven,’ I say.

I don’t know why I say this. I can’t remember ever saying it before. It just comes out: ‘Six thirty for seven.’

And then we’re all politely wondering the same thing: what the fuck does that mean?...

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a photo from Simon's 2018 advent calendar

Welcome to my online advent calendar for 2018, with a new thought and image each day leading up to Christmas. It’s a contemplative companion on the journey to Christmas; because it can all be a bit of a do.

Cover of The Indecent Death of a Madam

My latest novel in the Abbot Peter murder mystery series is The Indecent Death of a Madam. What brings together the Stormhaven Etiquette Society, Model Services (the town’s only brothel) and Bybuckle Asylum, a desolate shell on the seafront that housed over 700 mental patients prior to the dubious dream of ‘care in the community’? A cold-blooded execution that both shocks and confounds.


The Beautiful Life retreat offers a contemplative experience, including input from Simon, meditation, sharing, silence and time for yourself. Here you will find community and solitude, rest and inner search, based on material in Simon’s book The Journey Home (originally published as The Beautiful Life). In a climate of safety and acceptance, we dare to contemplate the truth of ourselves, the mess and the magic, the place to which our journey has brought us.

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